Nate Robinson: By Far The Best Point Guard in the NBA


I’ve think that you have read my title. Yes! Nate Robinson is the best point guard in the NBA right now, in my opinion. He has the speed and agility. He can shoot threes from downtown, but still drive and get a dunk or get a nasty layup. Since Nate Robinson was in the NBA with the Knicks, he has been a great NBA Point Guard. I would call him “Lil Derrick Rose”. He may not be light skin [ha-ha], but he has the potential, determination, and focus of Derrick Rose. In my opinion, the best features that Nate Robinson or “KryptoNATE” has is the vertical height to make dunks. He is probably the only Point Guard I know that will finish either first or second in a dunk contest! Other than a shooting guard, forward or a center, he can finish either first and second in the Dunk Contest with “big-dogs”. I don’t think he has been noticed with the Celtics, averaging only some points per game. In my opinion, his best year will be this year with the Chicago Bulls. He averaged almost 17 points a game, and he finished his year with a lot of great highlights, like blocking LeBron James’ layup in the 2013 NBA Playoffs. All in all, with the new trade with Nate Robinson going to the Nuggets, Nate Robinson will get over his PPG (Points-Per-Game) average from the Chicago Bulls.


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